WodBoss changing the way gyms work

  Q: What do you get if you team up a User Interface Designer with a Developer? A: The perfect team to create a gym App called ‘WodBoss’ of course!   Ryan Stuart and Karl Bowden are the creators of an App specifically developed for CrossFit gym owners and their members. WodBoss began about nine months ago. It is the first project …

adminWodBoss changing the way gyms work

7 reasons why you should work in a co-working space

Since opening up The Production Hub we have seen many benefits to being a part of a co-working, multi-purpose facility. If you are working from a standard office (or local coffee shop) check out seven reasons you should change to a co-working space. 1. No Guilt Hourly coffee purchases might be the best way to avoid glares from café employees …

admin7 reasons why you should work in a co-working space
The Production Hub Newacstle

The Production Hub Newcastle opens

We, (Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley) opened The Production Hub in March 2014. Our dream was to create a home for the creative industries in Newcastle. We wanted to have a beautiful working environment that offered unparalleled facilities for creative endeavours. We also wanted to have a venue that was inspiring to walk into. To realise this dream we worked …

adminThe Production Hub Newcastle opens